What are Lolita dresses for? They may be used in cosplays and at home. Cosplays are the most common place for Lolita dress. But when Lolita dresses are used at home, in front of your husband or boyfriend, they will achieve the most special effect.

Now, let’s see a Beautiful Cotton Black and White Lace Gothic Lolita Dress.

First, two pictures showing the front and the back of the dress.

The first picture is the back of the dress and the second is the front. From the second picture we can see that this dress is exquisite and gorgeous in design

Clothes of Gothic style are often made of shining fabric and are distinct in color, which are kindred to the colorful glasses in gothic churches and are very attractive.

This dress is made of quality cotton which will not ball up or crinkle and can last a very long time if you put it in closet that are dry and clean.

Then, let’s come to the design of the dress. All our fashion and romantic Lolita dresses are designed and made delicately by our top-rated designers and tailors. This dress has white lace turndown neckline and long sleeves. On the shoulder of the sleeve, there are layered white laces and a black bowknot made of ribbon. There is also a big black bowknot made of hard cotton which will not deform even after being washed for many times on the bag-sleeve. There are no buttons on the front but instead are several lace flowers like design which are very beautiful.

The helm of the dress is made of tower lace and above which are two wavy lace stripes which match the lace on the helm, the sleeve and the neckline perfectly.

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Michelle joined the party that called the night of Lolita .when she wore the beautiful cotton black and white lace gothic Lolita dress,she worried whether she could be the beautiful girl to met her prince .when she thought the words that grandmother told her,she calm down  her bursting feeling .

Her grandmother told her that:”First,the fabric of the dress was cotton,it was beneficial to ventilate and to make girls feel comfortable .the comfortable dress was helpful to behave yourself good and natural .second,the style of gothic came from renaissance material.at the  present  ,it was so fashionable for girls to chase .beautiful cotton black and white lace gothic Lolita dress had some color of mysterious ,cold,simple and sweet.third,the long-sleeves and neckline shed nobility and the beauty of simplicity .honey ,should be confident ,because you should  believe yourself .after all ,you wore the most beautiful dress in the world.”

Through  long time waiting ,at the end of the party .the prince appeared .every girls wore beautiful dress just like the Tanzania flora that is booming freely in the heaven .however,the prince was attracted by the beautiful cotton black and white lace gothic Lolita dress.the opponent-color and the style of gothic Lolita attracted the prince so much .at that moment ,Michelle just like a small dairy ,fresh,sweet ,lovely.so,they quickly fell in love.

This was the magic of the beautiful cotton black and white lace gothic Lolita dress.do you want to have a try ?Maybe ,you would met your prince at the next false-face party.

It is quite common in Japan to see girls in Lolita suits when you are walking in the streets doing your daily shopping. In Japan, Lolita has been an integral part of their culture. For those who have seen the adapted move Kamikaze Girls or the original novel, it is not hard to understand the deep-tooted Lolita complex and even began to love these exquisite suit.


Originally, the name Lolita came from the book of the same name written by Vladimir Nabokov published in 1955. Latter the word Lolita was used to describe girls with similar characteristics of  Lolita as described in the novel and flourished in Japan thanks to the popularity of ACG, whist the KISSXXX contributed the most. Basically, Lolita suits can fall into categories like classic Lolita, sweet love Lolita, elegant Lolita , black Lolita and Gothic Lolita, etc.


In the movie Kamikaze Girls, Momoko Ryugasaki, our protagonist, is an avid fan of Rococo and frilly Lolita costumes. In a town where people all wearing modern cheap ready-made clothes, she undoubtedly appears to be weired by wearing dreamy and sweet suites all the time. These clothes are pricey, yet deserve the price. As has been estimated before, there are total 39 suits from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright hit the screen. When the move itself faded away in the public’s sight, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Lolita suits still exert their influence on young girls and even mid-aged women.


It is said that after the shooting of Kamikaze Girls, Kyoko Fukada, who played Momoko, had a fresh new understanding of Lolita and become an avid fan herself just as the role she had played in the move. So we can have a glimpse of the power of Lolita complex.


Different from those frilly sweet Lolita full of laces and pink color, this Lolita is simple with just two color—black and white—yet lose no elegance at all. You don’t have to worry the suit be too dazzling and caught too much unwanted attention and being too different in wearing this punk Lolita. Also, the price is favorable. So come to Bonhoo.com to choose one Lolita suit and catch up with the bandwagon.

Do you want to be young again? Do you feel that your life with your boyfriend is a little monotonous and dull? Do you want to change your image in front of your boyfriend or husband? Do you want to show your love another you? If the answer is yes, then you have found the right place.

We offer you Black Stripe School Lolita Suit With Bow which will make a real Lolita out of you!

This suit is made of cotton of 100% purity so that it will last long and will remain bright in color even after being washed for so many times. Turndown neckline with lace and white White Stripes on the edge makes the dress look pure. A big white bow is sewed just on the breast and under the neckline, making the dress different from other ordinary Lolita suits as you can feel a sense of innocence in white bows which are designed for little girls. A square bias strip between the necklines adds to the suit’s formality that it will not look so sexy in appearance. Shot sleeve and hemline are of the similar style with the neck line decorated with dainty lace flower and white stripes. What’s more puff sleeve makes your arm look more slender. The most special place of this suit is that it has a fake girdle with cotton on each end, leaving an impression of real student in front of your boyfriend or husband; and who does not like pretty young student?

This dress is a mini one that you will look very sexy when you put it on. The top of the dress and the hem of the dress are of opposite style since the upper part makes you look formal but the lower part makes you look sexy.